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      “It escapes me why so many wait for biased and inaccurate, or at least misleading, universe data when they can get unbiased data almost immediately following any calendar quarter or month.” - David Loeper, CIMA, CIMC, Financeware
      “It's the perfect peer group, actually a "phantom" peer group in that it captures the spirit of everything that the investor could have achieved.“
- Barton Waring, JD, Barclays Global Investors
      “Something is wrong in a system where managers make performance evaluation complicated.” - Professor Meir Statman, Santa Clara University
      “Everyone who has the responsibility to evaluate managers needs a tool that provides an unbiased performance assessment and helps determine the quality of an investment manager.“ - Andrew Schaffernoth, Chesapeake Investment Marketing
      “Are PIPODs better than actual peer groups? Probably.” - Professor Roger Ibbotson, Yale
      “PIPODs – synthetic peer groups – are such an alternative, and Ron Surz, who is an outstanding thinker on performance measurement and many related issues in investment management, has designed and implemented synthetic synthetic peer groups in a very intuitive and user-friendly way.” - Larry Siegel, The Ford Foundation
      “Consultants who are not using PODs are really at a disadvantage, because they are not adequately representing the total investment managers' peer group universe.” - Professor Jay Shein, Florida Gulf Coast University
      “PIPODs are a great noise reduction tool.” - Mark Finn, Vantage Consulting Group
      “Consequently, performance reports that include clearly defined, style-specific universe comparisons can be generated more promptly, and as frequently as monthly where appropriate.” - Rob Fletcher, CFP, CIMA, Madison Investment Advisors
      “PIPODs provide the most accurate method I have seen for estimating the likelihood that the excess returns of a money manager are attributable to skill.” - Professor Christopher Petruzzi, University of California, Fullerton
      “Until this new development we were handicapped and ran the risk of comparing apples to oranges. PIPODS are a welcome addition to the performance attribution toolbox developed by PPCA.“ - Michael Leverone, CFA, First American Fund Services
      “PODs and PIPODs have resolved these questions of sample size, subjectivity in style classification and timeliness.” - Steve Winks, Senior Consultant Magazine
      “While every method used to create perspective on investment performance contains weaknesses and assumptions of one sort or another, PIPODs come closest to giving the professional a fair and timely perspective they can share with their clients and use to improve their portfolio oversight skills.” - Barry Mendelson, Capital Market