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Robo Advisors
Consultant Education
  • 401(k) Plan Sponsor Course for Financial Advisors written by noted ERISA attorney, John Lohr, and Fiduciary Forensics Analyst, Ian Lohr. The course provides the financial advisor with the descriptions, definitions and methodology to complete an essential understanding of 401(k) plans. Successful completion will earn you a certificate from The Learning Network. This course takes about one hour to complete and costs $75.
  • Contemporary Investment Manager Due Diligence created and narrated by Ron Surz. This series of seven classes is designed for the financial professional interested in understanding what moves markets and how to use that knowledge to their advantage. This course takes about 90 minutes to complete and costs $129.
  • Paladin Registry provides a wealth of articles, blogs and tools for investors and financial advisors. It also provides a 5-star advisor quality rating, and assistance in finding an appropriate advisor.
  • The Fiduciary Handbook for Selecting and Understanding Target Date Funds written from three distinct perspectives. You can identify with your own interests. Ron Surz writes from the perspective of a fiduciary, as a 3(38) sub-advisor to the SMART FundŽ Index on Hand Benefit & Trust, Houston. John Lohr sees TDFs from the perspective of an ERISA attorney, and the third co-author, Mark Mensack, looks at TDFs through the eyes of a professional ethicist. This 80-page book is $29.50 for the paperback or $9.99 for the e-book.
  • A Guide to ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities written by ERISA attorney Charles G. Humphrey. The Guide provides crystal clear explanations and useful pointers for improvement of plan performance and reduction of liability. This 140-page book sells for $25.16.