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Full installation including data files for December 2003.
Version 1.0.061 released 4/19/05

IMPORTANT: HedgePODs depends upon several data access components provide by Microsoft in their MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Component) distributions, in addition to the Jet Database Engine which used to be included with MCAC but is now bundled separately. These two packages must be installed and correctly configured for HedgePODs to function. Please visit these sites at Microsoft to find the most recent version of MDAC and Jet Database Engine for your operating system.

Note: You may already have these components installed if you have any of the following programs installed on your computer: Microsoft Office Professional, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, or any other program that uses Jet (MDB) databases.

MDAC Check with your IT department to determine whether you need MDAC and whether or not an MDAC installation will affect any other programs on your computer.
Jet Database Engine Select the most recent service pack for your operating system, indicated as Jet Service Pack, and this will install the required components. To determine what operating system you're using, right-click on My Computer and select Properties.
Windows Scripting Depending on the options selected when your operating system was installed, you may need to download and install Windows Scripting. If setup continuously prompts you to reboot to replace system files, that is an indication that you need to install Windows Scripting in order to complete the installation.

Windows 2000/XP Users: You must have administrative permissions for the computer you're installing StokTrib to. Insufficient user permissions will result in a failed installation.